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Reconnecting Women and their Children Image

Reconnecting Women and their Children

Gabelcrest is for women who have completed a recovery program for drugs and/or alcohol and wish to reunite with their children

As a non-profit organization, The Salvation Army's Gabelcrest services are provided at a minimal charge to the recipient.

We are able to do so through the generous donations we receive from private individuals.


Helping Women Continue the Rebuilding of their Lives after Alcohol and Drugs

Gabelcrest is a one year program, where women are reunited with their children (most of whom have been in the government foster care system). The program emphasizes self-help. New skills are learned, old habits are unlearned. The program is designed to foster independent living skills. After completion of the program, the women are able to function productively and give back to the community from whom they have received help.

Serving the Needs of The Recovering Woman and her Children


Gabelcrest Philosophy
The Salvation Army's Gabelcrest Transitional Recovery Program is designed to provide spiritual growth, security, independence, activities and opportunities for learning to those striving for a goal of self-sufficiency and productivity.  Gabelcrest is a place of new beginnings for women who are rebuilding their lives from alcoholism and/or drug dependence and reuniting with their children.

The Gabelcrest program is designed for women who have completed a recovery program, have a letter of recommendation from the recovery program, and who wish to learn independent living skills while being reunited with their children.  They must actively participate in the multidimensional program while living at Gabelcrest.

Each Resident Must:
-Be employed or attending school
-Have child care for her children
-Attend church and Sunday school
-Attend AA or NA meetings
-Attend counseling
-Attend parenting classes
-Complete chores at Gabelcrest

Life Skills Classes 
-Time Management
-Anger Management
-Christian Family Values
-First Aid
-Homemaking skills

Other Ways We Meet Needs